Production of your vehicle


Building the promobus way

The development of each Promobus vehicle requires a considerable, special effort. First a strategy has to be defined. Then the thinking of mobile promotion specialists, engineers and draftsmen must be brought together. All the mechanical details are analyzed-equipment and space have to be specified. Aesthetics are brought into complete harmony with technical requirements.

Building the promobus way

To achieve this, Promobus specialists use a powerful CAD/CAM computer system. An advanced engineering tool, it allows them to analyse each element : the frame, the assembly, usable space etc. Every detail is examined before production begins. Computer generated images, allow the designers to visualize the complete project in every critical detail.

The Promobus design is not driven by either aesthetics or technology. Instead, it is the optimum combination of these two crucial forces. This careful balance makes possible a totally satisfactory solution.

All internal and external requirements are careful studied and tested. These include clients' specific needs, the expected terrain, the events to be held, the schedules to be met. The toughest demands are everyday requirements for Promobus designers. In the workshop, every part of the vehicle is the result of careful workmanship and is subjected to rigorous testing and inspection. It is the only way to make sure that every Promobus vehicle provides maximum performance and total reliability. It is the way we have created the customer confidence that has built our reputation over the years.

When you consult us about a vehicle,

We thoroughly study your specific needs. Our team of engineers and draftsmen define in detail the future carrier of your mobile strategy. It was the process Caterpillar went through when they asked us to create a carrier for their 7 ton motor. A showcase on hydraulic jacks, it could be oriented in all positions. This fiant of the engineering world had teamed with the leader of the mobile showroom world to concieve every day detail of this high release value unit.

Every vehicle frame is studied carefully. Flexibility, wear resistance and load carrying capability for specific locations dictate the specifications. This search for optimum performance naturally results in a constant hunt for th best available materials. From light metal to the specificated composites, the spirit of innovation is everywhere. Design at PROMOBUS isn't just looks, it's the essence of the vehicle.